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It doesn't cost you more than a few hundred bytes per second traffic, but you help this project survive. , or if you know of a good timeserver near you, you should use that and not this list - you'll probably get better time and you'll use fewer network resources.If you know only one timeserver near you, you can of course use that and two from org or so.Meinberg made a port of the ntp daemon for windows.If your Windows system is part of a domain, you might not be able to independently update your computer time.If you're using a recent Windows version, you can use the ntp client that is built into the system.As administrator enter The same can be achieved by, as administrator, right-clicking the clock in the taskbar, selecting 'Adjust Date/Time' and entering the server name in the 'Internet Time' tab.

The NTP Pool is generally very high quality, but it is a service run by volunteers in their spare time.Make sure your computer's clock is set to something sensible (within a few minutes of the 'true' time) - you could use $ ntpq -pn remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter ============================================================================== 2 u 68 1024 377 158.995 51.220 50.287 * 2 u 191 1024 176 79.245 3.589 27.454 -129.1 3 u 766 1024 377 22.302 -2.928 0.508 , etc) will usually return IP addresses for servers in or close to your country. You can also use the continental zones (For example europe, north-america, oceania or ntp.org), and a country zone (like in Switzerland) - for all these zones, you can again use the 0, 1 or 2 prefixes, like 0org.Note, however, that the country zone might not exist for your country, or might contain only one or two timeservers.-The MEDITECH C/S 6.x is a different HCIS and does process reports differently from MAGIC.Modifications will need to be made to ensure that reports are processed.

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