Updating the ipod

Apple's user interface and experience also had an enormous impact on the market.

"The i Pod had an enormous effect on the UI/UX of consumer electronics, completely changing the game from the day it was launched," says Joshua Porter, interface designer and director of UX at Hub Spot.

Apple's senior vice president of industrial design, Jonathan Ive, has earned multiple awards and accolades.

Design museums around the world display i Pods proudly."There are only few products that shaped the lifestyle of a generation, found its way into popular culture and became the archetype of an entire product group like this.It's not just the i Pod's hardware that has been influential.Porter says the i Pod's simple interface was optimized for music playing.The "fun" scrollwheel let users easily move through large lists of music, and the device's pocket-sized ergonomics had rounded corners and was generally comfortable to use.

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