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You name it, and Manuel and his team have found it floating out at sea or washed into shore.“We find televisions, tires, light bulbs, lots of lighters, shoes,” he said It can make for an ugly day at the beach. They’re worried about the Hawaiian monk seal and green sea turtles asphyxiating themselves on a massive scale.

Aquí existe una tecnología que permite crear a los doctores memorias artificiales, to grant patients a life they wish they had lived, pero que al final no lograron.

And close to 90 percent of that garbage is plastic. At first glance, many beautiful Hawaiian beaches appear untouched, that is until you dig in.

Study a fistful of sand and you will see countless specks of man-made polymers. “We've been finding various debris some with Korean, Japanese, things from the United States, as well,” Manuel said.

The white sands inspire families to save up all year to come.

The waves on Oahu's famed North Shore attract surfers from around the world.

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