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"The conversation became sexual pretty much from the get-go, correct? Hoose asked her if she thought it was strange that when they were at the Cumberland Farms, he again asked to come to her home, even though it was 20 minutes in the wrong direction and he was only going to be able to stay for 10 minutes. Hoose also quizzed her on why when she was texting with Didas about what happened, she said he tried to kiss her and exposed himself, but did not mention that he had forced her to touch his penis.

He asked her if she recalled telling Whitney in an interview that she told Kennedy "I don't know if I gave you the wrong impression," but the woman said she did not remember saying that and can't recall everything that was said.

That was a lie, she said, because she wanted to ensure the meeting was brief.

They had a friendly conversation and he wasn't at all intimidating, she said.

She called 911 in the morning to make a report after not hearing back from local police.

Robin Whitney, a retired State Police detective lieutenant who investigated the case, testified later Thursday that records obtained from Plenty of Fish show that Kennedy deleted his account on the site July 2, 2014, the day after the alleged assault.

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