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Today, instead of her usual complaints, she yells up to him, "You know, it's husbands like you who turn wives into nags." Alex laughs and carefully comes down from the roof.

Lori’s husband is a smart guy but after a few drinks over dinner, he consistently miscalculates the amount he should tip for the meal.

When conflict and disagreement throw a wrench in your relationship, humor and playfulness can help lighten things up and restore a sense of connection.

Humor can only help you overcome conflict when both parties are in on the joke.

It’s important to be sensitive to the other person.

This embarrasses Lori, makes her husband defensive, and often means a pleasant evening ends with an argument.

When they’re next out for dinner and her husband goes to pick up the check, Lori playfully hands him a calculator and says, "There are three kinds of people: those who can count, and those who can’t." Her husband laughs and instead of leaving the restaurant arguing, they leave smiling and joking with each other.

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