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The British Columbia coroner ruled his cause of death was a lethal mix of heroin and alcohol.

Continue reading: Teen Choice Awards 2013: Lea Michelle Wins Choice Comedy Actress And Pays Tribute To Cory Monteith [Video] surges to a howling conclusion that has more attitude in it than all four previous films put together.

Continue reading: Vine-Swinging Action In 'Tarzan 3D' [Trailer Pictures]Tarzan was brought up by a group of apes in the jungles of Africa after his parents died following a plane crash.

He learns to hunt and to kill for his survival, living a relatively peaceful life until his world is turned upside down by his distant relative, Clayton, who is the ruthless CEO of Greystoke Energies and plans to invade Tarzan's home in search of an extra-terrestrial object that hit earth 70 million years ago.

His interest in the object is that it contains energy so powerful, that one small piece could power a large portion of the country for months on end.

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Continue reading: Newest Miley Cyrus Rumors Have Her Dating Kellan Lutz In the wake of last week's Catching Fire fever, new releases this week are a little more low key.

Will he manage to succeed in saving the love of his life from a loveless marriage?

And will he fulfil his true purpose and overthrow the king?

Hebe is the love of Hercules who plans to go to any lengths to elope with her, but he is banished to battle when Iphicles and the king realise his opposition to their plans.

He subsequently finds himself enslaved and forced to fight armed opponents for sport, but his true destiny starts to unfold when it is found that no-one can match his indomitable strength.

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