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Or perhaps you and your spouse are on the other page, and you are dying to have kids ASAP.You need to think about your readiness as parents, and the support that you can get from both your families when the baby comes. We’re talking about bringing two people from different backgrounds and making them stay in one household until death do them part. If you want a head’s up on what’s going to happen after you tie the knot, here are a few things you should expect. While everyone thinks that it’s a walk in the park, it can’t possibly be.

Like planning for vacations, or which recreational activities should you both spend on.Being two responsible adults means that there are errands and tasks that need to be done daily, weekly or monthly.There is no one else that would remind you of these.Maybe you’re on an entirely different book, wherein you don’t intend to have kids.Even though some people may not understand this, remember that you, as a couple, should not be pressured into having children simply because society deems it “normal.” What role will your family play in your life once you are married?

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