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Here director and writer Joby imaginatively crafts his story and our consciousness. Keep in mind that "Awake" is more than just its medical scenario. Like many thrillers, telling much about the plot defeats the purpose of seeing the movie. This is key because what he hears changes everything. "Awake" is an entertaining little thriller, and Jody Harold certainly has potential as a writer/director.

At less than an hour and 20 minutes, the narrative is riveting with pathos and convolution, before arriving at its affirming conclusion. He displays a tangible humanity and disguises a quiet force and power. "Awake" is a moving story of love and greatness, well worth a watch. His low-key handling of the film makes for an interesting, almost dreamy approach, but I don't know if it works like it's supposed to, because I have a feeling that it decreases the amount of suspense that the material warrants.

But when this film gets it right, it gets it really right.

I was on the edge of my seat from the second act on.

Clay is loyal to Jack, who first saved him from a heart attack.

Unbeknownst to Lilith, Clay is in relationship with Sam (Alba) and wishes to marry her which would inevitably enrage his mother.

Hard to believe this is the director's first feature (although it's possible he cut his teeth in the commercial or music video world...

I'm not sure) I mean, certainly the film has a few problems, some of the moments didn't ring exactly true to me and the music was a touch maudlin at times.

Clay's beautiful and protective mother Lilith relentlessly pushes her son toward greatness.As Sam, Alba plays a key pivotal role; however, does not yet possess the dramatic gravitas or depth to carry this off.Terrance Howard is strong as Clay's surgeon, but his performance is flawed in its emotional ambiguity.Christensen proves that he was victim of the script writing in the "Star Wars Episode" movies. Lena Olin, who plays Clay's mother Lilith, is amazing as she reveals her character's power.There is such grace and poignancy when her Lilith confesses to her son, "I am so proud of the man, you have become…" Jessica Alba struggles here as Clay's wife—his Mother is unaware of their relationship and marriage.

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