Javascript function for validating radio buttons

A reference to the whole form was passed as a parameter into the function, which uses the "form" argument to refer to the complete form.To validate the radio button group with the name group1 we therefore pass form.group1 to the val Button function.In addition to the Javascript solutions above, you can also use an HTML 5 solution by marking the radio buttons as required in the markup.

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For example, here is the code that will perform the radio button validation: event attached to the validate (or submit) button on the form.The first thing that to look at when using radio buttons on our form is how the buttons need to be coded in order for them to function properly as radio buttons.The desired behavior we want is to have only one button selected at a time; when one button is selected then any previously selected button will be automatically deselected.Here is what the complete HTML for one of the buttons would look like: parameters are redundant in some browsers.There browsers, however, are often not smart enough to recognize the nesting, so it is worth putting them in to maximize the number of browsers in which the code will function.

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