Invalidating an issued patent looking for dating a porn female

To qualify as prior art, a reference needs a verifiable date attached to it.Depending on the provenance, a blog posting might suffice in and of itself.I should add that a lot of material that may at first blush seem to be prior art is not sufficiently specific to communicate the same material as a well-crafted patent.

In no way does it actually teach how to make such a pill.

If one can prove that the invention was known or used by others in the U. or patented or described in a publication in any country before the invention thereof by the applicant, the patent is invalid.

In order to obtain a patent, the invention must be useful, novel and unobvious.

If the patent is invalid, there can be no infringement, regardless of whether the technology is embraced by the claims. A review of the file wrapper frequently enables one to determine what rejections of claims were made by the patent office examiner, on what grounds those rejections were made, and what prior art was made of record.

This generally provides some insight into what the examiner felt was patentable and what concessions or representations were made by the applicant.

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