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as part of a macho political persona, of course you'd hire hookers to pee where Obama slept.Russia denies having compromising dirt on Donald Trump It's what the alpha dog does. And there's no point being the alpha dog unless everyone knows you're the alpha dog. Chuck Schumer would hire prostitutes to pee all over a bed that George W. As the global issue of food waste has received more attention, brewers have started using recycled ingredients in their beers.Wired:"The source material is acquired from elderly volunteers, including Gilpin's own grandmother.

If you spent the last year bragging about molesting women, locking up political opponents and shooting people on Fifth Ave.

Remember, people: This is the guy who bragged about grabbing women by the p---y — and then won the presidency.

Face it, many voters secretly admire a man who would indeed grab women in that way, so calling it "locker room talk" only ended up helping Trump with his base.

You should not be surprised that Donald Trump may have hired prostitutes to urinate all over a bed that President Obama once slept in.

The reason is that this salacious tale — part of a super-secret trove of documents just published by Buzzfeed — makes Trump look good.

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