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After 24h, stimulus water (1.5L) from nest guarding males was removed from the holding tank and used in experiments within 15min (Mc Lennan and Ryan 2008). Odor-free water was also prepared by following the same procedure described above but without introducing males into donor tanks.All preference tests were performed using females of each species in 2 reproductive conditions: preovulatory (females that spawn in the next 24h following testing) and postovulatory (females that have spawned in the last 24h).Although the intersex chemical signals released by the scramble spawners are female derived, here the olfactory sex signals are released by males (Cole and Smith 1992; Burnard et al. Given their common ancestry, evolution in isolation and the absence of sympatric relatives with the same reproductive strategy, it is expected that there has been little investment in developing a highly discriminatory recognition system in either species (Ord et al. The aim of this study was to thus test the specificity of male-derived olfactory sex cues between the highly invasive were from geographically isolated populations ( N E; N W, respectively).Sexually mature females were isolated from males for 3 weeks prior to testing and were housed in 90-L aquaria.This is your chance to dive head first into an endless stream of the most perverted voyeur videos in the world.Watch hundreds of hidden camera videos of hot amateurs caught in the act of being real naughty; if its voyeuristic and perverted, you can be sure to find it in our tube site.The reproductive state of the female influences the response to olfactory sex signals, where preovulatory females show a strong behavioral response to male-derived sex cues, whereas postovulatory females do not (Clement et al. This difference in response, determined by the reproductive state of the female, was used to confirm that the male-derived chemical cues acted as sex signals.Female preference for male odor in has already been demonstrated (Cole and Smith 1992), so was not attempted here.

In light of the results from these preference tests, male odor versus water was also tested (cf. All tests were conducted in an aquarium (45×30×30cm) filled with 25L of aerated water.Each delivery system consisted of a 2-L glass jar containing stimulus water connected to a 5-mm pipette tip by 5-mm silicone tubing.The pipette tip was attached to the test tank at 2cm above the test tank.Stimuli were dripped into the test tank via a peristaltic pump set at a flow rate of 2m L/min.Water was simultaneously pumped out using a second peristaltic pump attached to 5-mm silicon tubing situated at the bottom center of the test tank at a rate of 4m L/min.

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