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Georgiana decided to tolerate the situation and found herself at the centre of 18th-century England’s best-known love triangle.

Amanda Foreman says: “She had such low self-esteem that she allowed the situation to continue. That meant she was quite easily victimised.” Georgiana found solace in the arms of a string of lovers, including Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey.

Actually, she's now working on writing and directing her first short film called which we're sure will be amazing.

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A gold collar with thistles and rue sprigs is worn over the mantle, and the St Andrew, known as the 'badge-appendant' is attached to the collar The same motto appears on the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom for use in Scotland and some pound coins.

Georgiana suffered the humiliation of being trapped in a very public ménage à trois, seeking an escape through alleged eating disorders as well as near-ruinous addictions to gambling, drink and drugs.

Amanda Foreman, whose best-selling book, Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire, was the inspiration for the new film, says: “You can’t deny there are extraordinary comparisons.

Indeed, the monarch chose yellow on the occasion of Kate and William's wedding last April.

The Order's vestements include a white taffeta-lined green velvet mantle worn over a suit or military uniform and tied with green and gold tassels, with the star of the Order on the left shoulder.

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