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For more, we’re joined now by one of the two reporters who broke the story, James Ball. The article he co-wrote with Spencer Ackerman is called “Yahoo Webcam Images from Millions of Users Intercepted by reported the Verizon spying, we had all kind of wondered about mass surveillance. And this one, I think, even after nine months, was really shocking. Essentially, if you used a webcam service, if you were having a chat, if you were broadcasting, it looks as if—the documents show that : This particular program was just collecting when people were using it, as if you’re having a kind of Skype call or something like that. : Yes, well, my colleague, our national security editor, Spencer Ackerman, called Yahoo.

A more accurate name for the “Optic Nerve” program may have been “Peeping Tom,” because it ended up collecting a large number of sexually explicit images.

According to the documents, between 3 and 11 percent of the Yahoo webcam images contained what the called “undesirable nudity.” Yahoo responded to the news by denying any prior knowledge of the program, saying the spy agencies had, quote, “reached a whole new level of violation of our users’ privacy.” The documents also reveal the surveillance agencies discussed intercepting other types of cameras, such as the ones found on Xbox 360 game consoles.

If you were using a webcam to have a chat, it just grabbed images from it as you did it. And, yes, they were—they were very surprised and alarmed. They’ve been one of the tech companies that’s really pushed for reform.

There are other programs which discuss sort of turning on the webcam for targets, but however you feel about that, at least that’s just people they suspect. I mean, I think we have to say, if Yahoo had been more secure at the time, if they’d have encrypted people’s chats, if they’d have had that level of concern about people’s privacy, they could have prevented this. And you can see from their statement they are not happy about this. They declined, but did send us a statement saying, quote, “We were not aware of nor would we condone this reported activity.

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