Dating range calculation

You can create an Auto Exec macro in Access that runs automatically when you open a database.

The recommended strategy is to create a Startup user-defined function and then an Auto Exec macro that calls that function.

Create Property(Name:=str Prop Name, _ Type:=var Prop Type, _ Value:=var Prop Value) dbs. For example, code to create the running instance of Excel and the object variable that references it.

The Startup function is also a good place to create global variables or arrays, and verify that Allow Bypass Property is set to ' Declare object variable to refer to the Excel Application. Application ' Declare a variant to hold the array of holidays.

However, one alternative is to place the data in an array and send the array instead.

On Error Go To Startup_Error Dim n Holidays As Integer Dim b Result As Boolean ' Set the Allow Bypass Property to False.Using Automation, you can use Access to create and control objects in Excel.To use Automation, first reference the application that contains the objects that you want to manipulate; in this case, the Excel functions that you want to use.The Startup function ends with a call to the Create Holidays Array function, that is explained in the next section. To meet the requirement, developers often create an Excel worksheet object, copy data into that worksheet, and then create an Excel Range object to pass to the function.Depending on your task, that is an acceptable approach.

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