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That year, he guest-starred on The Simpsons episode "Midnight Towboy".Early in 2015 he played the role of a Secret Service agent in the FOX 10-episode series Wayward Pines.He made his feature film debut in Over the Edge (1979) and established himself as a teen idol by starring in films such as My Bodyguard (1980), Little Darlings (1980), Tex (1982), Rumble Fish (1983) The Outsiders (1983) and The Flamingo Kid (1984).

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Matthew Raymond Dillon (born February 18, 1964) is an American actor and film director.In 1978, Jane Bernstein and a friend were helping director Jonathan Kaplan cast the violent teen drama Over the Edge when they found Dillon cutting class at Hommocks Middle School in Larchmont.Dillon auditioned for a role and made his debut in the film.All three films were shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hinton's hometown.The Outsiders and Rumble Fish had Dillon working with Francis Ford Coppola and Diane Lane.

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