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The Métis, another distinct ethnicity, developed after European contact and relations primarily between First Nations people and Europeans.North American indigenous peoples have cultures spanning thousands of years.Some of their oral traditions accurately describe historical events, such as the Cascadia earthquake of 1700 and the 18th century Tseax Cone eruption.Written records began with the arrival of European explorers and colonists during the Age of Discovery, beginning in the late 15th century.

Those in the Arctic area are distinct and known as Inuit.A more recent trend is for members of various nations to refer to themselves by their tribal or national identity only, e.g., "I'm Haida", or "We're Kwantlens", in recognition of the distinctive First Nations.In the northwest were the Athapaskan-speaking peoples, Slavey, Tłı̨chǫ, Tutchone-speaking peoples, and Tlingit.One account claimed that the Blackfoot Confederacies walked through the ashes of prairie fires, which in turn coloured the bottoms of their moccasins black.They had migrated onto the Great Plains and west from the upper Northeastern area.

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