Black dating crush com

It is because growing up, I have always had issues with my appearance and feeling/being perceived as "unattractive." My confidence was challenged every time the beauty that was praised in my favorite magazine was not reflected in the mirror, every time I went to the drug store to scout out foundation that never matched my skin complexion, every time I went to the hair salon to get my hair chemically processed.

My position was reminded to me almost daily, and the frustration it served would turn into depressing bitterness once I tucked myself in for bed.

Founded in 2014 by Natasha Nova and Sonya Kreizman, “Urban Crush” is the first free mobile dating app for urban singles.”Urban Crush” is based on research that suggests mobile dating is enhanced when music is added to equation and helps unite people based on musical preferences in either Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Soul, Reggae or Jazz.

Now officially available on i Phones and Androids, “Urban Crush” combines musical interest with geographical location to pair African American singles, as well as anyone else interested in an urban lifestyle with other like-minded individuals.

My crush saw the entire thing and rushed to my aid.

He bought me ice-cream and even had the heart to carry me home.

I like to think that I am this way because I am a naturally curious individual, with an ability to catch the beauty in everything and everyone.

These articles with their statistics and factual data did little to none to surprise me.Often tearfully upon my pillow, I would ask myself why was I not able to have the things I desired, like a "perfect" nose or naturally straight hair?Then, I began to understand that I was just not meant to have those certain traits, but that did not mean that I was not beautiful. I do not have to worry about applying liner to achieve fuller lips.Very often these women will blame it on attraction, as most of them are guilty of just not "feeling" it when it comes to men of other races. You cannot possibly find yourself becoming intimate with someone you are just not attracted to.Despite this, there exist other excuses like body image, hair, cultural background and education.

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