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Naturally, part of the reason beauties are dismissed is because it’s really difficult not to be petty when someone didn’t earn something that sets them apart from the pack…in a good way...bestowing attention and favors that those less blessed are never accorded.

A PR person had told me that Shepard would be there, but I warned my friend that it would be unlikely that Shepard would take advantage of the chance to be on the Wall of Excellence since he has the rep for being a very un-showbizzy sort who avoids schmoozing and self-promotion. Check-in was 7AM, which is usually when I go to bed, so I just stayed up all night.

I was still sweating like a pig during every class and my body was still pleading for mercy somewhere around the middle of the second songs, but I guess I’m just more of a masochist than I care to believe…or more competitive.

I’ve never felt competitive with others, but very much with myself.

Read More Wednesday, May 07, 2014, was a perfect sunny Spring day.

At AM, Bar Pleiades, in the Surrey Hotel began filling up with beautiful people in beautiful pastels topped by all sorts of fantastic combinations of woven straw, feathers, silk flowers, satin ribbons and the occasional sparkle of diamante. More people arrived, more drinks were served and the room was filled with happy ...

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